And then this happened...

And then this happened!

In spite of having 9 collections of online puzzles  that are a flat blast to work (with no lost pieces and as few or many pieces as you want, but, anyway...), I've had multiple requests the past year for puzzles in three dimensions. I haven't done anything to fulfill those requests, because if I have to pay $40 for a 500 piece puzzle, you'll be paying $60 by the time we ship it, and I ain't charging $60 for a puzzle.

Well, this month, I found a supplier where I can get 500 and 1000 piece at a price point that brings them down to the vicinity of about half that. And the listing said the material was wood! I didn't believe that, so I ordered a couple.

Kathy and I unpacked Environ 08 today and goshdarn if they don't seem to be wood. Very sturdy at least, ultraviolet printed, with very true color. And very nice packaging (both shipping and product), image front and on sheet inside, and all the pieces tidily tucked into a nice mesh drawstring bag. I'm tickled.

We'll keep working on the wood butterfly this week and keep you posted.

What we know so far is that we're probably going to rate these Difficult because you can't build it by shapes (all the pieces are either two outties and two innies), so you have to build by color and pattern. We'll keep a timesheet :). 

I'll order some more this week for the studio, and post Easter Sunday, so comment or message your favorite(s) that should be first round puzzles!
- Loree

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