Ode To A Dog Brain


My brother called yesterday (yay!) and we were discussing dog brain.  We both have them, so I'm going to consider it a genetic predisposition towards full focus on what is in front of us pulling the most attention.
Right here, right now. 

Living in the moment is one of the things I respect most about dogs.  They don't carry the past forward to the now, they don't project the now into the future, they are all the way here now.  If old hips are hurting, old hips are hurting now.  If there is snow out the back door, you still bound out into it without thinking about how the hips are going to feel tonight.  If a fresh branch comes down on a known trail, you stop and scent it until you know of every treetop creature that crossed or landed or lived there.  If a deer crosses your path, you run until the deer wins.

My dog brain has been off running with shoes. And it is good and I have been head down gaze focused right here right now in design.

And it means we haven't talked in a bit.  I'm going to be working on balance until my ashes are scattered :).