Seduction Of A Reluctant Muse

Seduction Of A Reluctant Muse


She had been missing for years.  Not in any dramatic way, and with no notice or fanfare, just an infinitesimal progression of immeasurable bits not noted, left along the path. Small hurts unseen and ignored, unhealed scratches dismissed to fester and grow, ache subsumed to task. Intent subverted. Raw and true set aside.

It wasn’t much of a thing, really.

A word here, a sentence there, a look a wish a thought a small joy a big cry a nudge a gesture a shrug a book, a fear lost, a dream found, a song sung, a small movement, a big shift, a hike in the forest, a phone call made, a chance followed.

Keystone, touchpoint, turn around, dance.

The dance. 
The dance was everything.

LLH; 02/11/2023

Seduction Of A Reluctant Muse is a 2009 oil-based woodstain on coldpress watercolor paper. It was worked in conjuction with Welcome For The Muse and Quelling An Unruly Muse.

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