The Most Favorite Kind Of Day

Mirror 2043; Joel's Bear At The Gate; Larch Mountain, Oregon


The Most Favorite Kind Of Day
It was one of those kind of misty days where you think it’s just... well, misty... until you really pay attention and realize it’s not misty at all, it’s just that you’re up kind of high and this cloud you’re walking through is just kind of low.

Joel looked up at the very tiptops of the trees, and then he noticed that he was just dampish, while the trees on both sides of the forest were raining all over the ground and he wondered if maybe way up there at the tiptops where the trees were pointiest and prickliest (he had actually thought kind of like a toilet brush but then decided that was a very bad analogy indeed), if they just scrubbed - no, that wasn’t right - he wondered if the trees just tickled all the rain they needed right out of the cloud they were in and just passed the wet down from fir fan to fir fan (he had never thought of that before but they really did look like droopy - well, relaxed - green feathery fans and of course the water would just pass down from one to the other what with gravity and all), and each part of the tree kept a little water - just to be moist because that feels good, and then passed the rest down to the flowers and berries and ferns on the ground because all of those things made a really nice place to stand in forever and sometimes animals and people came because of them and that was nice to watch, too.

It seemed like a pretty good working theory and Joel was pleased with it, so he just sat on the gate being moist and dampish too (especially his bottom, which he usually didn’t like but today it was okay), and he watched how the whole thing worked from the tiptops all the way down to the ground, until he got hungry and went home.

LLH; 070720

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